PPT: Dr John Carey - Migraine, Meniere's & BPPV

A presentation given at an ENT conference in Florida, 2008 by Assoc Professor John P Carey, MD.

jcarey_ppt_2008.pdf (2.7 MB)

(Edited by @turnitaround, old, broken link was http://www.mvertigo.org/ppt/jcarey_ppt_2008.pdf)

Scott 8)

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Hi James,

Would you happen to have this presentation by any chance in the file repo.


Will check and revert

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Restored :slight_smile:

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Many thanks James

I found Scott’s dropbox and it has many docs in here. Might be helpful for others as well.


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I’ve got the archive from Adam, so that’s what I use, presume it’s same thing

WOW. This is quite the collection of files. I just downloaded the entire thing (186 MB) to my computer. THANK YOU for finding this!