Precautions for when you get a cold?

What do you guys do when you get the flu or a cold? …im sure being congested will only make symptoms of MAV worse so I’m wondering if there’s a way to try to counteract?

My whole family has been sick, I’ve tried to avoid as much contact as possible but that’s just impossible with a 6 year old and a 30 year old boy that feels like his world is ending because of a cold lol …( thank God for my independent 13 year old who hasn’t needed me that much) …today I woke up feeling sneezy, like when you want to sneeze but it doesn’t come? And my throat feels weird And that’s how most of my colds start.

Not sure if I should start taking theraflu to try to stop it in its tracks or if I should let it be and then take Sudafed… you guys know how much of a punk I am about worsening symptoms and just want to void another bad crash if possible

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I always get really bad dizziness and fainting when I get a cold so I totally understand your predicament. I wouldn’t advise taking any OTC medication which has caffeine in, if that’s one of your triggers, but I will be following this Topic to see if anyone has any tips

My partner swears by taking echinacea and getting the flu jab (he crows about this IF he doesn’t get the yearly lurgy). I don’t know that there is much you can do if you are already infected except go easy on yourself, get that boxset on the TV, get the online shopping in and make sure you have the makings for some low prep food if anyone can face eating. Leave the cleaning and life admin , hunker down and just cossett yourself, if no one else can.

That’s good advice. I woke up with a cold in the middle of last night, on the heels of last week’s stomach flu. :face_vomiting::sneezing_face: The change of seasons brings out the zombie apocalypse in the PNW :woman_zombie::evergreen_tree::umbrella:. I’m thinking may zinc, vitamin C and bitching about it a lot. Also, keeping near soft surfaces as I too have a tendency to get the dizzies worse and fall more when my muzzy head fills with snot (and then likes to leak profusely at random and in public). Good luck @Diana21. I’ll try not to sneeze in your general direction. Do everything you can to otherwise keep your thresholds up.

All ican suggest is stay away from decongestant sprays. They are common migraine triggers although not many people know, they certainly make my mav much worse.