Predictable recurrent vertigo - a question for scott

My kids suffer from a type of sitution doctors don’t realy recognize or know about. Their attacks come at very exact timing every 65 days. (we plan our holidays accordingly)
The attacks last a week and then go away.
I found an article called:
Cyclic Vertigo With Predictable Recurrence
written by: Danielle Lobel, MD, Lydia Eviatar, MD

I am not sure if we fall into the category of MAV though neurologists told me that my kids have migrains, but the special thing here is the predictability and a few other things like the set on time - always in the early morning when they wake up.
Would you consider adding this situation as a special topic so that more people with this situation be able to meet?
I live in Israel and no doctor has ever seen this situation. On the net I found another mother with a daughter like mine and she has been trying to treat her daughter 8 years unsuccessfully. My daughter has had these attacks 4 years. My son one year.

Thanks for your time.

Hi there,

HAve a read of this thread which came up in 2007. Appears to be another migraine variant:


Hi Scott:
Thanks for your reply.
Ofcourse I saw the thread.
It might be a mmigrain variant.
Thanks to this forum I have heard of another boy with the same story.
From the articles I found the normal migrain medications did not work.
Migrain seems to be a name for so many different mechanisms.
The last neurologist we saw prescribed Immitrex for my daughter but that doesn’t help the dizziness.
But, I think until someone discovers the mechanism it’s all a shot in the dark.

The mother of two dizzy kids in Israel.

Hi Reading posts with interest my 14 year old son has had this for nearly 2 years. A weekly attack for up to 7 days every 75-79 days.
He has tried different meds with no help until his doctor put him on 40mg twice a day of Propranalol. We have now got up to 93 days attack free. Fingers crossed broken the cycle. Just wanted to share some good news, will keep you informed.

My daughter has the same condition: cyclic vertigo with highly predictable recurrence. She had episodes every 80 days or so when she was about 3, but the period has slowly increased to about 150 days now. (She’s now 15.) She has other symptoms too (headache, nausea, light sensitivity), but vertigo is the big one. I’m very interested in hearing from @baresnowy. Did the Propranalol continue to work? We’ve tried just about every medication you could think of, to no avail. For anyone else who has this highly predictable vertigo, I’ve set up a facebook group called “Cycle Vertigo Support Group.” I’d love to hear from you.

Hi! We have been dealing with the samething since my 11 yr old son was 18 months old. Have you found anything that works? If he stays up all night, that’s what works for him.

I am an adult with this. Used to be every August for about a week… A few days after 2nd covid shot it came back in March for 3 months, then the next year ( this year) it came back May 15 and as of August first has not resolved. No answers .

No clues here, but this interests me as my daughter has cyclic vomiting syndrome - a migraine variant. I bet the same meds would work for her. We treat abortive so far