Pregabalin causing depression?

I started taking pregabalin in October and it has significantly altered my personality, and has got to the point where I think I may have depression. I’d stop taking it but it’s really helping, I’m hardly ill anymore except when I do too much. What would you do?

I wonder if you can add a med to the Pregabalin to help? Like and SSRI? As if having MAV isn’t enough to cause depression, we don’t need a med that will cause it too. :pensive:

I’ll have to see my GP about it. Pregabalin has helped tremendously with my anxiety and MAV symptoms, but at a cost. My fiancé and family have all noticed a difference, fiancé said I’m now an angry person and completely different to who I’ve been for the past 11 years that we’ve been together. You’re right though, the illness itself is bad enough

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It’s not surprising really because these are powerful drugs with mind altering chemicals. They must be. If they can control epilepsy. I could only suggest you discuss your situation with your consultant/doctor. It might be a good idea to research Pregablin on line yourself first a bit. I do think it’s had some bad press but no drugs are without side effects. I do remember @sputnik2, I think it was, being originally prescribed it by a consultant but her doctor wasn’t prepared to let her have it. Don’t know if she could throw any more light on it for you. Helen

Do u have rocking vertigo? Does pregabalin lessen it? How much do u take?

That’s really interesting, thanks. I’ll definitely have a look into it. I was prescribed Topiramate at first but refused it after doing research into it and finding that it triggered seizures. As you say, all medication has side effects, just got to find the most suitable one

I only tend to get vertigo at night, maybe twice a year. My daily symptoms are dizziness and fainting. Pregabalin has helped a lot with my daily symptoms and lessens the severity of monthly attacks where I’m usually bed bound. I’m taking 5 tablets a day, each one 0.5mg

Do you mean 50 mg five times a day? 50 mg is the lowest dose of pregabalin.

Probably, I don’t have the packet to hand