Hello ladies…anyone who has gone through a pregnancy while suffering with MAV…could u offer any advice it info about how you coped? Thank u! Xxxx

Hi Dizzie Lizzie,
I am currently pregnant (nearly 12 weeks), and had my son 20 months ago while suffering mav. With my son, pregnancy helped me feel quite a bit better. I did take 4mg of periactin per night when I was pregnant (and currently doing so again). Of course I still had days where I felt unwell, but in general I felt a good improvement. With my current pregnancy I’m having bad morning sickness (didn’t have this with my son), so I do feel lousy, but the migraine stuff hasn’t been too bad. I had to stop taking topamax and prothiaden to fall pregnant, and I must admit I miss my topamax because it did a good job of controlling symptoms. The most annoying symptom I have now is the feeling I’m going to black out (the topamax did a decent job of stopping that), but I just deal with that by having a lie down if I can and drinking water. Fortunately the visual vertigo, headaches, dizziness and the rest haven’t made a comeback, and for that I am grateful. If, once the baby is born, I get an increase in symptoms, I’ll go straight back onto my medication. When Theodore was born, my symptoms did return after three weeks (I think lack of sleep was the major trigger), but I got back onto the meds and things improved.
My neurologist told me that for a lot if women, things improve during pregnancy. Of course, that’s not a guarantee but my advice is don’t let the fear of mav stop you from having children. Having my son is the best thing I’ve ever done, and even if I’m having a bad day I look at his little face and it picks me up.

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I wish you all the best with your second pregnancy - glad to hear things are going reasonably well for you and hope that continues. :slight_smile: It’s so good for other ‘aspiring mums’ to know that they can get through a pregnancy and have the joy of a family even while dealing with the difficulties of living with MAV.

Helen that’s a really nice post. Really pleased you are doing well and have managed two pregnancies with MAV x

Thank you so much Helen, for taking the time to write such a kind and informative reply. It means a lot and is very reassuring. Thank you Barb and Jem too. All the very best with your second baby Helen. Xxxx

This is a lovely post. Funnily enough I saw Dr S today and asked him about meds and pregnancy and he said that pregnancy actually protects the body against MAV, he said breast feeding does too. Must be something to do with hormones!

Breastfeeding mixed with VRT allowed me to live a normal life until my daughter was 13months where breastfeeding was being cut down. Pregnancy i improved but also was worse at certain times during the pregnancy.

Hi there I know this is an old thread but I was wondering how you went with he meds and after your baby was born. I’m wanting to have my third child I didn’t have MAV when I had my first 2 but have for the past 3 years. I also suffer depression so dr keeps wanting to put me on amitriptyline which is meant to help both depression and MAV but I took one quater dose and I was so sleepy all day. How did the drug you took work with the vertigo did it keep it away? Sorry for all the questions I too came off topamax and my antidepressant to try to conceive but I’m so worried about gettting a big vertigo episodepand