Pregnant with VM

Currently 12 weeks pregnant, three weeks ago I had a VM episode. I had vertigo with nystagmus for 7 days. The last two weeks I have been extremely dizzy, constantly, headaches, wobvly vision, oscillopsia, in addition to my visual snow and very unbalanced. I feel like I went back to the beginning of all this. I am 6 months into VM and unilateral vestibular dysfunction, 40% weakness in my left ear. My physical therapist said i have to push myself to do vrt exercises when i dont have headaches to help compensate. I know many on here dont have ear damage and i wonder if my recovery from this will take longer due to the damage? I am currently not taking any meds just supplements, migraine diet, and magnesium infusion which my neuro has started me to have once a month. Will this relapse get better? Any recommendations are greatly appreciated. I feel like VM is sucking away all my baby/preggy happiness. I dont think i have ever hated anything as much as i hate this illness.

I’m quite new to this so not much knowledge to add but wanted to send you words of encouragement and well wishes. It’s likely the pregnancy hormones are acting as an extra trigger, but I guess that the good news about that is that it’ll go away again. Re ear damage from everything I’ve read online the brain eventually gets used to it and finds balance through new neural pathways, but it takes time.

Congratulatiions! Hormones may be playing apart but MAV’s so variable any way, who knows. I’m not expert on pregnancy but I’ve read the hormones change dramatically with each trimester. You are just about to move into your second trimester so it could all setttle down for you then. Be optimistic and positive. Be kind to yourself and try to keep cheerful. Helen

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hey, sending you love. I got mav 4 months post partum. I think @Onandon03 is right about each trimester hormones change. First trimester is the worst. I would wait around week 16 to see if things settle. Also, i have read here and facebook that other women with mav were able to took a tiny dose of amitriptilyne while pregnant to lower mav symptoms. I am
on effexor and my doctors told me I could get pregnant and be on it all pregnancy. So you could also consider a low dose of effexor as well. I send you energy and patience, this will pass, it is not easy but it will.

@LucyLabrador @SolarVivi hormones can definitely trigger MAV and finding a med while pregnant can be a challenge.

Read the below to bring yourself upto speed on the illness

Thank you so much for the encouraging words. My docs keep telling me pregnancy is playing a role in my symptoms, but that hopefully they’ll be better as my pregnancy progresses, i truly hope so.

Thank you Helen. I am hoping that second and third trimester are better. Im trying to stay positive, I actually will start to see a psychologist to help me handle all of this. In the last six months my life has changed completely, not working, vm and vn symptoms, and pregnancy, first time too. Hoping for better days.

Thank you so much for your kind words. I am really hoping my symptoms settle because at the moment they are awful, but like i tell my husband, its not my first rodeo, so panic attacks have been littl ones, not how they were six months ago. I am really trying to not take meds, its my first pregnancy, so really scared of how it will affect the baby. I’m trying to be as strong as possible and doing little things that make me happy like going to buy a xmas tree and decorating it. Really want to take a preggy xmas pic with my hubby. I just dont vm to take more than what it already has.

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yes, that is key! Do whatever makes you feel comfortable, meds included. I am taking meds, but part of my recovery I think has to do with just living my life. I usually ask myself what I would be doing if I did not have MVA. When I answer myself: go with friends or take son to museum, I just do it! Eventually you start enjoying things again, even if dizzy. I hope all settles down for you after you pass first trimester. Enjoy the nesting, it is a lot of fun. If you are in the US, sen me your address through PM to send you a little gift.