Preparing to phase off Effexor: any advice?

I just had my six month follow up with Dr Hain. The effexor has been working miracles for me! No severe vertigo attacks in five months!
HOWEVER, I am planning to try and get pregnant this summer and therefore am needing to taper off the meds. I am so nervous!
I have been on the 37.5 XR and plan to start 25 mg tomorrow through the next week and then go down to 10.5 for another week.
Then we will just have to see what happens!
Any thoughts or advice???
I will keep you all updated on the process!


Congrats!!! If I weren’t already committed to Zoloft I would be looking for an Effexor Rx pronto!

If you want some info about getting off Effexor, go to

I’ve known people who have had no trouble at all and others who call it “hell in a bottle.” I’m sure at such a low dose, you’ll be fine.

Good luck to you and do keep us posted,


I’ve just dumped Pizotifen (Sandomigran) - a serotonin antagonist.

It’s been a bit rough, I was on a low dose so couldn’t titrate, but I have found so far (been a little over a week) by keeping my diet clean and not stressing about minor symptoms reappearing I appear to have successfully dropped the drug.

It definitely helps me, but the other drugs I take (Neurontin and Keppra) also do the job well and don’t make me as tired as the Pizotifen. I am waking up much earlier and feeling less slugish throughout the day.


Dr. Hain had me switch over to Nori, not with the intent to titrate off Effexor, but I found that it definitely helped with the withdrawls. I had to increase up to about 20mgs to finally feel an equilibrium. Not sure how bad the withdrawls are with Nori but I think you could at least use it as a stop gap at 10mgs or so. Also, I have read that people use Prozac at low levels for a week to help withdrawl as well since its half life is forever ;).