Pressure drops - how to cope?


Does anyone here react badly to pressure changes in the weather system? Big drops from high to low seem to worsen the vertigo, light sensitivity and flashing a lot, but is there anything that can be done with this? Exercises, meds (already on 20 mg amitrytilline and 5 mg benzo when needed at night), something?

Thanks :slight_smile:


I get worse with weather changes and approaching storms I have yet to find a way around it it rained today and I felt awful

Same here… it definitely increases symptoms… I’m at 90-95% most days but having the barometer falling causes chaos. Maybe next time I will try an ativan… any other ideas would be great.


Thanks for answering :slight_smile:

Have tried to find some useful info on this online, but alternobaric vertigo did not give many answers (apart form saying that it is common in migraineurs…).

It seems hopeless to actually plan anything big, as no one can accurately predict where, when and by how much the pressure drops. Sahara next stop, or is there any hope?

How long does it last before you start improving again? Can it take several days after a huge drop?

Thanks again!


It can really mess me up. Doesn’t always, though. And if I can handle swimming–stopping however frequently and however long to catch my breath and gather my wits/get grounded–it definitely helps.