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Pressure in head and nasion

Hi everyone,

hope you all had a good Christmas!

Can anyone relate to this symptom…? As my day progresses and I become more stimulated I get an intense pressure on the top and back of my head, like a weight pushing down. I usually also get this pressure in my neck (but I think that might be because its supporting my head :p) and also often the same pressure in my nation.

I used to wake up feeling refreshed but since I’ve been on 20mg of Nort and then Pizotifen I feel this pressure since I get out of bed and lasts most of the day unless my head is supported.

meant to say nasion

wondering if this is a symptom of mav or something else

Hi I think this is a symptom of migraine. I get an intense pressure across my nose (mainly the bridge), the back of my head and sometimes around my ears. I also get continuous pins and needles in the back of my head. I’m on amitrip but had these symptoms before I started it.

Most of my “headache” is at the back or top of my head (and the sides too). It often moves around throughout the day and often feels more like pressure/tightness rather than pain as such, though sometimes it is pretty painful as well. Sometimes it is more of a tingly or pins and needles type sensation.

I had some of these headaches long before I tried any of the migraine meds when they thought I had Labyrinthitis. However about 3 months into Pizotifen I felt that my headaches actually got worse although I had been getting some improvement in my symptoms before then. Gave up Pizo at that point.

I’m just into month 3 of Nort now and starting to get some reduction in my headaches at last (touch wood). However I achieved this by reducing my dose to 10mg day. My neuro had encouraged me to work up to 30mg or even 50, but as soon as I went to 20 I got really bad headaches again. I had been on 15mg for a while so thought I’d try 10mg for a few days and bingo - got a reduction in my headaches. Also feeling less “wired” and a bit calmer, I didn’t realise how sped up I was on 15mg until I reduced it. Been on 10mg for just over a week now and was doing well til I came down with a bad cold a couple of days ago :frowning:

The only downside was that I was hoping that if I could tolerate a higher dose of Nort it would improve my mood which is still pretty marginal.

This is a new symptom for me. For 6 days now I’ve had pretty much constant pressure and sometimes mild pain between the eyes and its has grown to sometimes incorporate the front of my face across my cheeks. It is also giving me the heavy head / sore neck feeling. In the same time frame I’ve also developed occasional mild nausea which I haven’t had before. I feel so fatigued! Has anyone else experienced this?

Sounds absolutely typical to me. Try putting ‘facial pain’ into the search box, you’ll find lots of references. Trouble is we are all joined up. Nerves run through the body and inflammation can make for pain anywhere. I did actually get confirmation from a specialist migraine neurologist that the head pressure I experience is ‘migraineous’ and have since read same of ear pressure. However many people experience facial pain and nasal pain so many in fact most think they are suffering from sinus headaches. The stiff neck - again Search It - and nausea, all common and all linked. Trouble is if your symptoms are progressing, you not having experienced these before, now might be good time to think about treatment/change if treatment depending on where you are in your journey. Untreated M tends to just get worse. I found that myself.

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Absolutely I get exactly what you have described usually comes on after lunch for me.

Do try your quote again please.