Pressure/lightheaded feeling upon standing...getting worse

Okay, Im getting a little concerned as this has been happening more and more.

Im sitting, I jump up to do something, and about 30seconds to a minute later, I have pressure in neck, up to head, and feel very lightheaded, feel faint.
I had a tilt table test done and of course no problems. However, they tilt you up slowly, the test should have you sittiing then standing… ugh.

Seems everyone says, “just stand up more slowly” well sure, that may help, but it doesn’t explain why its happening. When I try and figure it out on my own, the only thing that comes up is Orthostatic Hypotension. OH and on Hains site, said it can happen with Basiliar migraine… whatever that is. Cant read to much right now. Does this happen to you??


I don’t get pressure really but if I stand up to quickly I will feel faint lightheaded, gettin out of bed is the worst for me I have to do it very gradual
When I get bad attacks I do feel lightheaded and faint aswell

Hi Kristina-
This can happen as a result of taking medications too. Many types can cause it. I used to get it a lot when I took Ami. Obviously the beta-blockers can cause it by lowering your blood pressure-thus the orthostatic hypotension. Another cause can be dehydration. The best thing is to get up slowly and get your balance and then proceed. Hope you are feeling better soon.

I know, but Im not on anything other than .125 xanax at night. That’s it.
That’s why I wonder where its coming from.


“Orthostatic hypotension” sounds good to me. I went to a PT the other day, and after about half an hour of evaluation she told me to ride a stationary bicycle for 5 minutes. Hard work; when I finished and dismounted, I was feeling, “Whoooa.” Needed a drink of water to stabilize me enough to walk or sit without feeling I might collapse, or at least fall down from imbalance.

Does this only happen when you stand up suddenly? This usually happens to me everyday when I get up in the morning. I forget, so i get up and as I start walking I feel light-headed and my vision will black out a bit , I stop and then everything comes back into view. This happened last spring more when I had just started on my medications. Took some time to go away, I guess until my body got used to what I was taking. It’s definitely most likely due to orthostatic hypotension. My doc has tested my BP sitting and standing, but it never happens in the office…figures. Truly if it becomes bothersome you can have your doc test your BP sitting and standing, but I think they will tell you to get up more slowly and drink lots of fluids!

That is what is so frustrating, I have been tested, even had a table tilt.
But hello… they tilt you up ever so slowly, no one gets up like that.
Mine is when I jump up quickly from a seated position only, and its usually not right away, more like 30 seconds to 3 min’s later. I read
there is actually something called delayed Orthostatic hypotension.

I drink tons of water, only take xanax, and never had this happen until recently, it started like 3 months ago for 2 weeks alot, then completly went away, now its back…

Its like my mind, brain, all the way down to my little toe is so frign sensitive, im over it. :!: