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Pressure on both ears

I having fluctuating pressure in both ears (accompanied by increased dizziness) throughout the day especially if I am talking to some one or walking by a group of people.
is ear pressure a symptom of MAV?
I am on Effexor 75mg for about a week now and 2 weeks prior I was on 37.5 .
not much change.
how long before I expect to see a change if it is going to work


Did you take a look at our Support material in the Wiki?

Hi everyone,

I Haven’t been on in a while as my Mav has really been under control on topamax- 1 pill a day-25mg… However, a week ago i went outside for dinner, it was freezing, ended up with a runny nose, not sure if it was from the cold or from allergies… But then the next morning I awoke with my left ear feeling clogged again and now it has moved to both ears!

It is so frustrating! It can effect my hearing a bit too, almost like when you have water in your ear after swimming! I have taken an antihistamine and it only helped a little bit. Tried sudafed and that didn’t help this time!!

So annoying!!! My dizziness has not come back yet! But i do know if these ears continue being blocked then I will go wonky again!!!

Anyone had something similar? Anything that helped?