Print is getting smaller and lighter?!?

It seems like the print in books and the newspaper is getting lighter and smaller. Even with my prescription reading glasses my eye muscles feel strained which I worry could aggravate nystagmus.and other symptoms. I know that I probably need to buy a Kindle but I just cannot do it yet. But I did discover the “Sight Saver” books at our main library and they really help. They are wonderful. The print is larger and darker and they have a large selection of them. They are often too expensive to buy from the publisher but I will soon check Barnes and Noble and Amazon.
Also, I purchased a Rigid Page Magnifier (8 x 10) by UltraOptix at Barnes and Noble for $8.00. I also got a 2 x 3" one ($2.00) for my purse, to read small labels at the market, etc. Both are lightweight and distortion free. The page one makes reading the newspaper and hardbound books so much easier. I want to get one half the size for paperback books but I will have to order it since B & N did not carry it in stock. The large one is also great for reading hard copy of things at work. You do have to hold it about 2 inches above written text but it is light. And some day I will just have to switch to a reader.