Pristiq and Topamax together?

Hi - is anyone using pristiq and topamax together? I’m currently on Topamax (100mg daily) but need to add in an antidepressant, but scared to go off topamax right now as it has me relatively under control.
appreciate any feeback
thank you

Hi and welcome. It’s pretty quiet at present with the major holidays in full swing I suppose so not many about. I checked it out. Pristiq is close but more expensive relative of venlafaxine (Effexor) so you should find some relevant info on using those two together on here if you use the Search facility, Can’t remember ever having spoken in here to anybody who uses Pristiq. Lots take Venlafaxine. Can I just ask do you know why Pristiq was chosen? Your decision? Your neuro’s? Just out of interest. Pleased to hear the Topamax is helping and you can tolerate it well. Many find they cannot. Topamax and Effexor are an established combo highly recommended by some top US experts I read. Helen