Private Botox clinic in UK?

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Hope you’re all doing well! Just a quicky, does anybody know of any clinics that offer Botox treatment privately in the uk? My Botox is going to be 3 months over due and I am seeing some symptoms starting again. A regular Botox nurse for aesthetics won’t do this kind of treatment, neurologist only apparently so I’m stuck :disappointed:

I can’t seem to find anything online… any help much appreciate!! :sparkling_heart:

Couldn’t believe there aren’t any not even in London so had very quick look. Not sure what you are seeking really? There are private clinics, in London the ones I noticed, that have neuros that carry out Botox for migraineurs. Very expensive though. One called Parkside? Then at another London location A Paul Jarman? They do seem to be open although off on their summer holidays it seems 14th July for a month. Open they may well be for videocall consultations etc … Whether they are actually seeing people for hands on treatment remains to be seen. I very much doubt it. Thought it’s all on hold for the duration both NHS and private. Many private hospitals were seconded as were staff and I did notice neurologists and other specialists were working on Corvid ICUs. I searched ‘neurologist who does Botox for migraine in UK’ then just ignored all the NHS Hospital entries. Helen

Hi Helen

How are you, well I hope?

Thank you for your response - I did think it would be a long shot given the fact very few people actually have Botox for migraine on here. I called on you mentioned about to see if they offered a clinic closer to Leeds but no joy. The issue is the way my head is at the moment travelling to London wouldn’t be possible with me driving. My family are all back at work and so I was hoping to find one closer. Looks like I might have to wait until the 20th August :smirk:

Thank you for looking into it for me :kissing_heart:

The National migrane clinic will do it in London

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