Private GPs in UK

Thanks @amylouise. R u in the UK? I have seen a couple of specialists privately but think it would be difficult to find a private GP? R.

Ruth, BUPA & Nuffield clinics provide private GPs, amongst others (and I’m sure you can find one on Harley Street). I’m not sure it’s worth seeing a private GP unless you are in a very big hurry though? It’s not like they’re generally armed with better knowledge. If you need to see a specialist, go to see a specialist.

Hi yes I’m in the uk I’m in north london there are quite a few round here where abouts are you in the uk?

Thanks Amylouise. I am in Surrey. I have looked and there are a couple a few miles away,but think I will leave it a while. Might be adding to much to the mix!R.

Just keep it as an option :slight_smile: it’s alwuas nice to know there’s second options

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Late reply, my functional GP is a private GP (she also does NHS) and she is in Richmond area

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Hi there. She sounds fantastic the best of both worlds. Wish all Doctors were like that!Do you also see her on the NHS?Thanks R.

No only privately.

sorry this is her website

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Thanks Joanna. I have looked at her website and she sounds excellent. I have saved her details.Much appreciated.R.