Probiotics: anyone trying them?

Found this article on this really good website.

The head researcher, Professor Mark Lyte, points out: “There is already evidence to suggest that the connection between gut microbes and the nervous system represents a viable route for influencing neurological function. A recent study in mice, for example, showed that the presence of neurochemicals such a serotonin in the bloodstream was due to direct uptake from the gut.”

I think it’s good to take them to maximize the nutrition we take in. As we age, our digestive enzymes decrease, so it’s a good idea to take them, even for “normal” folks.

I’ve tried them, haven’t noticed any effect one way or t’other. Also, I used to be a serious consumer of yoghurt, buttermilk and suchlike till warned off them by my neurotologist, and certainly did not notice negative consequences to brain or bowels.