Problem with sounds

Hi ,

Just wondering if anyone else has symtoms with droning or continuous sounds. When I am feeling symptomatic any sound like the fridge or air con can intensify the rocking for me . Anyone else get this ?


Yes, I am very sensitive to sounds. I have hyperacusis, tinnitus and ear fullness. I am very sensitive to the sound of dishes, silverware, certain voices, and other normal life sounds. At times these sounds will cause strong nausea even to the point of becoming physically ill. Mine came on suddenly after having a viral illness.

Hi, yes I have problems with sounds too. Loud bangs provoke nystagmus (e.g. the noises made during an MRI scan) and I find loud noises such as the fire alarm at work make me feel really off balance and very nauseous. I occasionally get nauseous from less noisy sounds, but generally for me it seems to be the loudness that’s the main trigger. I also get hyperacusis at the start of a migraine attack, regardless of whether or not I am suffering from balance problems at that time (my MAV is intermittent, whereas I always suffer from headache migraines).

Yup – loud sounds bring on a migraine attack for me. Loud pubs or loud gigs a killer. I have to stuff cotton in my ears and that usually solves the problem. 8)

Yes, loud sounds bother me greatly. They can make the vertigo insane!

When I was really ill last year I had to stop all the clocks in the house (except the electric ones). Our Westminister chiming clock drove me nuts & started migraine & increase of balance probs.