Problems with vision

Have anyone experienced hallucinations? I have a lot of visual snow and when I close my eyes i sometimes se colours and figures like cartoons and flowers. I am sensitive to light and if i look at somthing and close my eyes i see the picture again and again. Sometimes colours look sharper and brighter. I dont have so much headache. I have take lots of tests and the doktors cant found anything wrong, nothing wrong whit the brain and no epilepsy. I have seen a psychiatrist because i was afraid to loose my mind. But he said it was not psychotic experiences. So whats wrong whit me?

Hi Me82,

This sounds like it could be Alice in Wonderland Syndrome which is very closely linked to Migraine. I have had the visual disturbances where things look further away or closer. I have also felt smaller or larger in comparison to my surroundings. It is all very strange!

Have you discussed this with your neurologist?

The visual disturbances are very much a real and fairly common part of a “migraine” brain. You’re not crazy LOL>…this stuff might make you feel crazy but it’s just the brain having migraine issues…



It all sounds like “normal” visual issues with this disorder. The one where you see the after image of things longer than usual is called palinopsia.
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What you are experiencing is not Wonderland Syndrome, but Visual Snow Syndrome. It is related to migraines, but no one really knows how. There is a member group on Facebook called Visual Snow with a thousand members now. Feel free to join, plenty of help on there.

I have had this problems for almost three years now, and unfortunately I rarely get any help from this forum in regards to these visuals as they are not the same as migraine aura, which I have also experienced.

Feel free to message me if you want to chat…

I think its the visual snow syndrome. Is there any treatment for this syndrome?

There are some treatments that may possibly help, but no true cure. to find out more inf.