HI All,
I have been wanting to write abot this topic for a while, but have been continuing to do my research on it’s affect on me before getting my hopes up. I stumbled across this medication last year, as I had a bad cough and it was in the prescription cough syrup that was prescribed for me. I did notice I slept very well on it, and looking back, it seemed I was in a happier frame of mind, with less MAV going on. So fast foward I get sick again this year and use up the last of my cough syrup again noticing my MAV seems better. I do look it up and find it is rx-d for things like anxiety, insomnia, motion sickness, post surgery nausea. I call my psychiatrist (local) and ask him if he will write me a script. I have to Google the info and send it to him, as he wasn’t aware of it. lol…It comes in pill form of 25mg, so I start taking half at night. My sleep is awesome, and my MAV is a lot better.
Here’s where it gets interesting…the other doc I found in California, the “brain chemistry expert”…he calls to see how I’m doing and i tell him about my new find. He thinks it’s great, and says it’s in a class that includes some antipsychotics, although at a very low dose. Meaning: it actually slightly lowers your dopamine (DA) level. He had given me a script for a med called Stelazine, which I never took for fear of taking an antipychotic…l have to laugh that I found a drug in my cough sryup that is in that class. The crazy thing is, I can get this stuff over the counter in Austrlaia, but need a script here. I hear they don’t even prescribe it in Canada (thanks Zoology)…so my advice to anyone who hasn’t gotten their symptoms under control, to maybe give this a whirl. If I add it to my aresenal of Cymbalta at 40mg, Klonopin at 1/4 of .5mg tab, and take 10 mg of Promethazine at night, I am about 95% symptom free…I feel very normal most of the time, and it’s the first time in almost 2 years I can say that.

I always have some phenergan on hand - just the 10mg stuff. It saved my bacon when I had terrible eczema a year or os ago and allowed me to sleep. I have been experimenting a bit with taking it at night to see if it impacts on the MAV and I think it does help a bit - but I can only take it at night cause it’s a bit too sedating for me for day time

so weird that it’s script over there

I have just bought some of this in the UK over the counter called Sominex, have yet to try it, will let you know.