Anyone try promethazine as a vestibular abortive? I asked my neuro for something better than zofran (because it really only helps 40-50% in terms of symptom reduction), and promethazine was the next thing for us to try before we get to something like clonazepam.

Anyone have experience (recently)? Most of the threads are old and I didn’t see a promethazine-specific one.

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I have Fibromyalgia and get Promethazine prescribed as a sleep aid as insomnia is extremely common for Fibro sufferers.over the years I’ve pretty much tried everything from chamomile tea to prescription sleeping tablets and everything in between.

Since being on Venlafaxine my sleep has improved enormously so I’ve not needed the Promethazine. I know may users find Ven can cause insomnia but in my case I’ve found its helpful for sleep. Maybe it regulates the CNS and stops it being so hyperactive.

Also dizziness can be a side effect. I also found that whilst it helped a lot with my sleep quality, frequent waking and struggling to get back to sleep is my bugbear, it did make me feel tired and groggy the next morning. I did find Certrizine helpful for reducing symptoms for a while and its not a sedating antihistamine, like Promethazine. I guess the only way to find out if its any good is to try it.

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I take it for motion sickness, 12.5mg twice a day if needed. It does help with the vestibular symptoms but not enough for me. I am on clonazepam now too. I had severe breakthrough nausea and vomiting on the promethazine so needed an additional motion sickness med too.

I’ll add that at my dose, I didn’t really notice any side effects even during the day. If your neuro thinks it might help, I’d try it. I’ve found the longer I wait to try things, the longer this all drags out.

My neuro had me on a scopolamine patch for several weeks, and that helped too but I wear contacts and still can’t see clearly after stopping it a week ago.