Propranolol and CoQ-10

I’d started The Kid on CoQ-10 a little while back, to go along with his prescription meds and the magnesium his neurologist recommended. Recently, he developed orthostatic hypotension – he much preferred it to MAV symptoms, but it was annoying him.

For some reason, I thought about his supplements, and did a bunch of digging online. Turns out that CoQ10 can increase the effects if propranolol, lowering your blood pressure even more. We discontinued the CoQ10, and in just a few days, the orthostatic hypotension was gone.


Is propranalol the only med he’s on? I saw that it antagonizes serotonin receptor 5ht1, which is a big one for mood. After 2 days on it I got really depressed… But I know it’s been helpful for others

interesting - as there are also loads of references to betablockers causing coq10 depletion and therefore recommending them when taking betablockers, which would seem odd -

particularly as on one page 2 paragraphs earlier it said (in relation to blood pressure / heart conditions) that COQ10 can lower blood pressure and therefore may mean patients can go on a lower dose of their beta blocker

it’s a minefield :slight_smile:

I think, if the reason he was taking propranlolol was for his blood pressure, we’d go for a lower dose of the medication plus the CoQ10. But when he tried to move to a lower dose of the propranolol, his MAV symptoms came roaring back – so it’s doing something besides lowering blood pressure, and he needs the full dose he’s on.

And, yeah, this is all really tricky.