Propranolol and pizotifen

Hi all, I’m currently taking propranolol 160 mg daily and building up on the pizotifen, currently on 2mg a day, and was just wondering if anyone else is on this combination and how u r getting on?


I took half the amounts you are on, and found they really helped a lot. But it took quite a long time (months) to get the right dosage for me, and get the full effects. Once I was about 90% recovered I then had VRT, which seemed to get rid of the remaining problems.

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Thanks for ur reply, can I ask , what was the right dose for u ? How did u find that dosage? These meds are by far the best I’ve been on, seems to be the pitz that makes most difference, but I still have some symptoms so not sure what to do???

80mg propranolol and 1mg pizofiten.

I started just on 40 mg propranolol, but this didn’t seem to help at all. Then added in 0.5 mg pizotifen, after a couple of months, but still no improvement. Then up to 1mg, and I started to get a bit better, but the best improvement came when I increased the propranolol up to 80 mg as well. I also tried 1.5 mg pizotifen but all that seemed to do was make me even hungrier. It probably took about 4 or 5 months to get to the right dosage for me.

I had no side effects from the propranolol (other than it decreasing my heart rate and blood pressure slightly), but the pizotifen increased my appetite a lot and I put on some weight. So once I felt better I was quite pleased to cut it out. Although I do have to say that my balance issues have stayed away, but my usual headaches/migraines have increased again :frowning: I’ve also cut the propranolol right down, as this doesn’t seem to help my headaches at all by itself. I’m gradually weaning myself off it at the moment (down to 20mg per day at the mo). But I am thinking about trying another migraine prophylatic to reduce my headache frequency. I think pizotifen was really the key for me, but unfortunately it did make me ravenously hungry and obsessed with food, which I found really hard to deal with. However, I know soneone else on here took it and it didn’t have that effect on him at all. My teenage daughter also takes it with no side effects at all.