I was just speaking with my neuro re. the weight gain and mig symptoms I’m still getting while on nori. He wants me to start taking propranolol. Great - ANOTHER med trial!! Has anyone had success with the above? What type of side effects if any did you get? My blood pressure is usually low normal so I’m a bit concerned about taking a beta blocker. UGH!!

Hi Tamsha,

Propranolol can work wonders for some people. Again it’s all about how your body reacts to it. Hannah, who hasn’t been on the board for a while, uses only prop to control her MAV and leads a full life with work commitments etc. Before prop, the symptoms were nasty. It can be effective at a low dose without impacting BP much.


Hi, I took propranolol (in combination with pizotifen) and found it helped a lot. In fact, I am back living a normal life now :slight_smile:

For migraine people are taking very low doses of beta blockers compared to the dosages for heart problems, so it’s not usually a problem for blood pressure. Although personally, mine did get a bit too low, and I had to limit my dosage because of that. But it wasn’t a major problem (I was just getting light-headed when I stood up quickly) and a small adjustment to the dosage sorted it out. I didn’t have any other negative side effects. For positive side effects I found I was more laid back than usual and didn’t get nervous for presentations at work any more!