Propranolol is it really that bad? Is this Mav?

I only been on Celexa for 4 days, but not sure how its going to go. So looking for the next best thing.
I thought I would try Effexor, but really not wanting to. I was given the choice between Propranolol or Effexor.
But from this website, looks like only 1 person likes it. Is it really that bad?

Celexa, I have noise in my ear now, and a headache. Cold symptoms… not sure if its a real cold or celexa cold. ??

I always had BP around 110/68 give or take a few. However over the last few years, its not to uncommon for me to get down to 94/64… so
would Propranolol be bad for me. Im sooo sensitive that Im just thinking maybe the ssri and snri may not be good for me.
I was on topamax 25mg and felt a little weird, slept good at night, and cryed easy, but thats it. Did have vertigo episode 2 1/2 weeks into it.

Its hard not to just pick one and concentrate on it, and not keep looking…

Not even sure I have MAV.
DX with BPPV cleared with Epley. Now I have the constant fuzzy, heavy head feeling. Worse when i lay down, better with movement.
Balance is great. no history of migraine, although I have had less than 5 in my time. Had a headache for 104 days out of 113. Due to disk in my neck.
Do feel like im moving sometimes when i close my eyes… 2 docs say MAV 1 says Anxiety… from fear of the return of my 24/7 headache. Which got 100% better when i layed down.

Hi Kristina

I was on propranolol for a week and went off it. I found it made me very fatigued, I couldnt sleep at all and my skin became really itchy. I also have a BP that’s low normal. I went off it yesterday and am back to taking 10mg Cipralex and nortriptyline. I couldnt tolerate Topamax either. Some people are just more med sensitive than others. It’s a crap shoot really - what works for some doesn’t for others. All trial and error I’m afraid! Sorry you’re having issues. This board and the people on it are a wealth of information.

Hi Kristina,

I recently took Propanolol for 2 weeks and had to go off due to insomnia, bad nightmares, and my lips, toes and fingers were turning blue. I was only on a dose of 30 mg. per night. I did like the drug because my headaches went away, but it didn’t help me with dizziness.

Good luck to you.