Propranolol progress

Hello all,

I’ve been dx with MAV by Dr. Hain and am trying 240mg/day of propranolol. After a few days, I can definitely tell a difference with the ear fullness. My ears are probably 50-75% less full than before the propranolol @ 240mg/day; however, all the other symptoms still remain (brain fog, 24x7 dizziness, visual issues, imbalance, etc.) I’ve had MAV for almost 13 years and have suffered with all these things for that long. I’m wondering if the ear fullness improvement is the first step and that more improvements will follow as I stay on the propranolol. What do you guys think?


You do find things improve gradually. My medication started properly working at about the 3 week mark. Propranolol is a good MAV med; give it some time. Have you ever tried VRT?