Anyone on this board taking more than 80mg or propranolol? If yes, what dose r u on?

I take 60mg morning and 60mg evening!

Also could u all tell me if the dose u r on (above 80mg) is for mav or some other problem? If its for mav, is it controlling it on its on or r u on a combination of meds?

I don’t really feel like I can answer this correctly. I am also weaning off of Nortriptyline while starting the Propranolol, was feeling pretty dang good for about 2 weeks until last night I took a micro dose of Lexapro and my MAV world went to hell! I have been very ill all day again, not taking the Lexapro again and see what happens.

I was going to be taking the Prop and the Lex together, so, that may answer your question. After fully off Nori I may ask my doc for something else!!

Bbrees it could be that the propranolol and low dose nort could be working as a good combo for u since u were feeling great for 2 weeks prior to your lexapro trial?

Anybody else on this board taking 80mg or above specifically for MAV? if yes, What dose r u on and is it controlling your mav on its own or with a combo of other drugs? Also how long did u take the propranolol for before u started to see benefit on the dose u r on?