Has anyone tried Proranonol? I tried it for about a week but found it made more spaced out than without it? i have been told that it shouldn’t start to work until at least 2 weeks of taking it.

Has anyone else tried this?


Hi Lou -

I’ve been taking propanolol for about 10 months, although a very low dose. (20 mg. a.m., and 40 mg, pm). I can honestly say it made me very tired for about the first month, but then I became adjusted to it. Its a betablocker, which lowers your blood pressure, and occasionally I will get very light-headed for a second if I go to stand up too fast.

For the most part, I can say it has helped, it hasn’t been a cure-all thats for sure, and I’ve declined to have my Doctor increase the dosage, because I’m concerned about side-effects, but I wouldn’t want to be without it either. I am definitely better than I was 10 months ago.

Hi Lou, I tried Inderal XL (propranolol) for about 3 weeks and found that I was very tired, spacey and actually made me depressed. I didn’t see any benefits from it, but we are all different. Actually, I’m starting up my VRT again and putting the drug trials on hold for now. Everything I’ve taken has made me feel worse.

Hi Skip,

Yer i felt spaced out and have stopped it as I can’t bear taking anything that will make me more spaced out than i feel already!!

Let me know how the VRT goes, I am still waiting for a VRT appointment, i have got some excercises from another website which you might find useful too, its

let me know ow your VRT goes, am hoping that it can help me too!!