Protein/Granola Bars

Per the Heal your Headache diet, we are supposed to avoid soy protein isolate, nuts, and raisins…things in protein and granola bars.
I depended on these in the past for mid morning and mid afternoon snacks, small meals when I wasn’t really hungry, etc. and I wonder if anyone has had negative reactions to soy protein isolate in particular, and granola bars or cereals in general. Or if you have found a particular protein bar that doesn’t trigger migraine or dizziness for you.

The Migraine Brain recommends keeping a protein bar at hand at all times, to avoid the sugar drop that causes many of us to become ill, including myself. If you do get bad reactions to protein bars, what have you kept on hand as an alternative?

Thanks everyone, you are always such a big help.


“Honey” pretzel sticks

“Honey” pretzel sticks–the ones without malt.

Thanks David those sound delicious! What brand do you buy?

Utz honey wheat braided twists–and I use my thumbnail to scrape off a lot of the salt.

(I have not yet found a satisfactory recipe for hard pretzels.)