Protein powders

Hey everyone just a quick question

I was wondering if anyone uses any protein powders that are mav safe,im still trying to go to the gym and carry on with what i was doing before all this started,before mav id drink regular weight gain shakes and protein powders to help recovery and muscle growth but since mav iv bein scared to use them because of the high amounts of msg iv read is in them,i used to drink 3 a day so i am missing them quite badly when it comes to my training! Does anyone no of a protein powder type shake that is ok to use? Id really appreciate it thankyou chris.

Can anyone help me ?

Sorry I really don’t know. I’m put of by the high levels of certain amino acids in them. I believe tyrosine is the amino acid which turns into tyramine in the body so I stopped using anything like that. I would be interested to know this too.

I use Orgain Organic plant based sweet vanilla bean protein powder. It seems to be fine for me. Let me know if you search the ingredients and see something on the “no” list :wink:

I have just started adding a small amount of brown rice isolate powder to porridge because I have gastric stasis and cannot digest milk or soy products but I need to get more protein in my diet. There are no additives whatsoever. It is a good protein source and is available from bulk powders on line. Hope this helps.