Prothiaden Amitriptyline (not with stemetil?)

So I went to my GP, asked about the Lexapro rather than the Citalopram and she said research has shown that if I react badly to one I will react the same to the other (not sure about that but decided to try the Prothiaden again instead). She then told me that Prothiaden cant be taken with Stemetil (Prochlorperazine) which I rely on at certain times; it can cause arrhythmia she said.

I can’t find anything jumping out at me on the net about this, also, I took the two together years ago and I have been taking Amitriptyline to sleep on and off and knocking back the odd stemetil as and when I want it.

I have started to get bad heart palpitations the last few years more related to depleted hormones so I am worried about taking anything that can worsen this although I know it’s not the Prothiaden, Amitriptyline mixing with Stemetil causing the palps at the moment as I havent taken any of it regularly together.

Has anyone heard of this, been told this, or experienced this on Ami, Proth plus Prochlorperazine (Stemetil)? Is it just the GP being overly cautious?


Hi Christine,
I was taking Prothiaden for a few years before my Tachycardia started , My cardiologist (rolling his eyes into the back of his heaD SAID, he believe the prothiaden, was contributing to the tachycardia.
Christine, Due to my MANY dangerous medication miss haps with GP’s (dr) regarding their limited knowledge and their lazziness on updating their Knowledge on meds, Hav ealways and still do , call my local trusted Chemist.
In other words I get a second opinion , with people who are in the med busness, every day AND ON new UPDATES.
We have a wonderful new programe implemented in OZ, where as soon as one person is prescribed more than 3 MEDS EG: say BP meds antiD’s and sleep meds, are them given a Chemist to help sought out any contra indercations.

A year ago , I had successful ablation, to the AV nodes in the (heart) to stop tachycardia (fast heartrate) 250 something a minute.

I’m now back on Prothiaden (Dothepine) My God send, as far as mav go’s.
it’s a “huge” fabulous Bandaid. :smiley:

I know you have been suffering for so long Christine, and wish you well.


Thanks Jen, why didnt I think of that :roll: Of course, the trusty old chemist. I will give them a ring and ask them.

So your cardiologist thought the prothiaden contributed to the raised heartrate. I had never heard of that before, cant remember what the side effects of this one list, must have a look. My GP just said that stemetil and prothiaden couldnt be taken together or they would cause the raised heartrate.

Heartrate of 250 does not sound good, glad they sorted that one for you. I dont know what happens to me, its always at night, suddenly one beat runs into another, so fast, yet I dont seem to feel a pulse rate on my wrist when this is happening, most odd.
Perhaps I am not really here :?

I am glad the Prothiaden is helping you, I remember, it helped me, years ago, one of the few drugs I could tolerate.

Could do with something, today, it was one of those days, woke, out of bed, dizzy, feeling sick, vision not right, eyes wouldnt stay open, fatigue and I had to go out. Threw down painkillers, no joy, then stemetil, not much better. You just wonder where it comes from, I have been on antibiotics for a week and felt pretty good on them, sometimes I wonder if the immune system kicking back in plays a part. Oh, all too complicated to think about, I just want a pill to make it go away :frowning:


If I were you , I’d keep a close eye on you fast heart rate, maybe buy one of those bp moniters from the chemist.
I had to have one at home, before my ablation.
and if you can, always have the fast heart rate checked at hospital, as it could be contributing to some of your dizzy probs too.

you know , I thought at the time it must have been a pannic attack, and it wasnt.
I ended up passed out at work.
embarrassing! as I am a singer , they probably thought I was on drugs! :lol:

Look after yourself Chris.

I have been on Prothiaden since getting unwell. I also have used stemetil regularly, including getting max’d out on the daily limit of stemetil when i was last in hospital with a nasty attack.When i first discussed the issue of mixing prothiaden (a phenothiazine derivitive) and stemetil (a phenothiazine) my GP said the only concern was an increase in combined sedation. I have had no problems mixing the two, however everyone is different and everyone has different co-morbid conditions to be aware of. Definitely discuss with you chemist :slight_smile: