Dr Hamalygi has perscribed Prothiaden 25mg to start for my MAV. Has anyone used, or had success, using this med.? Does it go by any other names?

Hi there,

I don’t want to put you off of trying it, as it has to be worth it as it may help you, and medication affects everyone differently, but this was my experience:

I was put on Prothiaden when I was around 16 for the dizziness and anxiety. I think it made my mood improve - but what I found was it made my balance really bad all the time (it wasn’t rotational vertigo but I was just constantly unsteady on my feet and off balance). At the time I had no idea it was the medication causing it - I thought it was the vertigo. When I came off of it my day to day balance improved hugely. I was on it for about 1 year - I had withdrawal symptoms when I stopped taking it.

I am now 37, so that was 20 years ago, things change in the medicine world. I haven’t taken anything like that since.

As I said, don’t let my experience put you off, because each individual is so different. I hope it helps you.

Hi Mrs G

It’s interesting you should say that about prothiaden - I was on it for 6 months myself a few yeards ago. My balance symptoms were definitely worse during that time and like you I was taking it for anxiety/depression. I knew within half an hour of taking my nightly dose that I would have to go to bed because I became so unsteady and getting up in the night to visit the toilet was very difficult.


Hi Christina

That is the difficult thing about the vertigo and migraine and the likelihood of having anxiety/depression linked with it - you tend to blame any symptoms on yourself and not the medication initially. We all live and learn on that one, and often it is only by trial and error you find the best way isnt it! I am sure many people have used Prothiaden and haven’t had problems at all though. I hope Dizzyloopy has success with it.

Hi dizzyloop , it’s jen from Brisbane, i was on prothiaden for about 1 1/2 years it helped with stress but didnt make the swaying virtigo go away, in fact the month i went off the proth it disapered, some doctors believe that anti depressants just make the virtigo linger. they should be used for a very short time only, but don’t quote me on that im not a doc.
hugs jen

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Dr Hamalygi has perscribed Prothiaden 25mg to start for my MAV. Has anyone used, or had success, using this med.? Does it go by any other names?

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By the way, in the Uk, prothiaden is also called dothiepin.


Hi dizzyloop , did you have any luck with the prothiaden?
Ive just been diagnosed with mav. and he’s trying me on periacton,

Hey Jenny

No, no luck with the prothiden. I’m hoping to trail something else very soon and maybe see a headache specialist for guidance. I was dignosed by Dr Hamalygi back in Feb this year. I wake up with a shimmering vision thing going on and very tired. Seems like a constant aura of sorts…


HI dizzyloop, my diagnosis was last week a neuro from whickam terrace, his name is Mac Lauchlin, nice man, I’m sorry to hear the prothi didnt work for you, I wake up every morning with the same wavy shimmering vision too, so anoying, makes me feel so out of it. I have a new aura as well a round stobe light going off for hours some times.
I suppose it will be a long road for all concerned.
I told my hubby I just cant keep working while i’m trying these drugs as they have made me even dizzier at the moment, he’s fine with that for now. I just get too craby wobbling everywhere all day.
cheers dizzyloop, thanks for replying.

Hey Jenny

What drug are you currently trying? That’s good news that you found someone in Briz who is familiar with MAV! I might try to make an appt. with the same doc. to get some different meds. All the best to you.


Hi Dizzyloop He decided to try PERIACTIN on me first to see if It would work But it seems I’m alergic to it in some way.
any way his name is Dr D.B. McLaughlin, at Ladhope Chambers 131 wickham trc Brisbane QLD 4000
ph; (o7) 3831 1704
He’s on holidays at the moment and wont be til the 13th, I had to make my next appiontment for december as he’s busy till then.
I must say , I do wonder how much he knows about meds and I have many Questions to ask him next appiontment, but he seems to be a very nice man He made me feel very comfortable. good luck Dizzyloop hope he helps us both.