Pulsing/Spasming in bottom of feet - only when u sit/lie?

Does anyone else feel the underside of both their feet pulse really fast almost like a spasm but the muscles aren’t twitching? I’ve had this for a year. My MAV dr at MGH thought it was due to the extra sensitivity that people with migraines have where they tend to notice every little thing. For awhile I was also feeling my spine vibrate when I type on a keyboard in bed but that has gone away.

I am just not sure if I completely agree or if there could be something central to both my feet that is causing something in them to spasm/pulse like this. It doesn’t do it 24/7 but they will randmoly both start to pulse very fast when I sit/lie down for no reason, then stop. It must be very light because when I had someone touch them when it’s happening they can barely feel anything.

I’ve had multiple cardiologists and a radiologist check my pulses around the area and they are all fine.

Does anyone else have this?


Around Christmas time - about 6 weeks after MAV hit - I got this spasm underneath my right foot and it was non-stop for weeks! They never did find out what it was but it eventually went away - I also get it and the end of my nose!!!1


I don’t have it in my feet, but occasionally in one eyelid and sometimes my leg. I used to get leg cramps (charlie-horses) in my thigh or lower leg muscles at night. It would have me leaping out of bed to stand on a cold surface or walk them out. I read somewhere that magnesium deficiency could cause muscle cramping, especially in your legs, so I started taking magnesium and the night-time charlie-horses disappeared… coincident, placebo effect, or the true answer to my problem ??- I don’t know, but I can live with whatever works. :lol:

And now I’ve been reading on this forum that magnesium is important for MAV sufferers so I’m back to taking magnesium supplements. No more tics, flutters or pulses in my eyelid or leg… :slight_smile:


I have had all kinds of weird twitches, electric shocks, pulsing paresthesias (altered sensations) literally from head to toe at different times. Actually, a lot of (normal) people get things like you describe–a pulsing buzz or twitch or tingle or other odd sensation.

I don’t mean I think it’s NORMAL to get such things, but a lot of people get them who don’t have anything found wrong with them.

Just for curiosity’s sake, do any of these odd sensations happen specifically when you bend your head down?

I’ve had periods over the past decade where bending my head down caused a strong vibration on the bottom of my right foot (at other times it would cause electric buzzing in other locations). Another thing is that my left foot (the whole foot) will have a low-level buzzing/vibrating sensation, like a motor running inside, mostly when I’m sitting or lying down–it stops if I stand up and put pressure on the foot, but then starts up again after a bit. It stops and starts pretty randomly but tends to hang around (on and off) for weeks and weeks at a time–then goes away for months–then comes back! Pretty weird stuff.

I seriously doubt this is related to MAV or is just due to “paying too much attention to the sensations in your body,” as one neuro put it. “Paying attention” doesn’t in itself CAUSE these things, though it can make them feel stronger.

In any case, it is probably nothing to worry about. Some sort of nerve irritation, maybe.

Good luck,

Oh, another very weird thing involving my feet is that when I push just right on the top of my left big toe, especially with something kind of sharp like a finger or toenail, I get a strong electric shock in my left elbow and my left hand near the thumb, simultaneously.

All these things are some kind of irritated or damaged nerves.

Regarding left or right any part numbness you could check uric acid ,My problems got reduced after i controlled uric acid, Hypertensive people like me as i have a left leg Pulsing at times when my Bp is high.

What is everyone who commented on this post dead or what i see nobody came back to update the rest of us… Am i gonna die to because i have this or what

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Haha. Absolutely not. Just make sure you’ve had an MRI.

Yeah a lot of people will have got to the stage of managing the illness without needing support or have more likely simply got better. It can take years but it does happen. See #success-stories-positivity for those that did take the time to come back and report their successes.

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