Pulsing vision

Has anyone had transient pulsing vision. Iv had it on and off for a few months but am now convinced it has something to do with my heart beat based upon timing. I know my blood pressure has been high lately. Still waiting on neuro at the end of the month for official MAV diagnosis. Fam doc says its possible mav but also said she wouldnt be surprised if it is stress and high blood pressure and anxiety. I also have transient shaky vision when i walk with each step. It happens for a few hours a day then goes away.

So strange. Wondering if anyone else had had either of these?

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By pulsating vision do you mean a light oval sphere that pulsates with your heart beat? I have that and my optomologist said it wasnt nothing to worry about. I also get shakey eyes when my symptoms are bad like they are today. :frowning:

Shakey eyes. But i cant tell if my eyes are actually moving. Which is why i wonder if maybe it could be something with my retina. I got my eyes checked and they said everything was okay

It’s highly likely to be vestibular.

Your inner ears are hard wired to your eyes because they help govern where your eyes point when turning.

I very much doubt your eyes have a problem.

Migraines might also cause trouble with this link, but struggling neurology in general would upset your vision, even if it’s not escalated to a migraine.

It is so transient and things shaking up and down or left and right only happen when i sit still (aside from the transient oscilopsia when walking) and stare at something. The shaking or pulsing seems to be in time with my heart beat. But i am wondering if it is vestibular if it mostly happens when I am still and because it is transient. I have very few troubles with balance. Can stand on one foot with my eyes closed without issues and can walk in a straight line with my eyes closed. My doc said she cant put her finger on it and is interested in what neuro has to say but the way she talks sounds like she thinks stress is more likely than migraine but isnt against the migraine diagnosis (wants neuros input)

But the lexapro has made things a bit worse initially and i know ssris have a big impact on vestibular system. And so does anxiety

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Oh yeah stress could do this, I’m sure.

FYI My MAV kicked off after a prolonged period of elevated stress.

I think all sorts of Ocular disturbance can be part of a migraine variant or the prodrome.but also can also occur as part of a panic attack. If your BP is high you might want to ask your doctor what they advise about trying a medication that also lowers blood pressure as it might be a great match and “kill two birds with one stone.” (e.g. Propanalol, Candesartan or ACE inhibitors). Propanalol is also prescribed for anxiety.

@turnitaround ahh all started after stress. Mine started 2 months after consistently forgetting to take my ssri. 2 weeks after i spun out on the highway in snow (luckily did not crash). While waiting to find out if I got interviews to grad school.

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Yeah my doc said wait for cardiology in June because im 21 and all the ekgs and stuff have come back normal. I think shes hesitant to give me anything without neuro or cardio input given how sensitive I am.

I have been seeing spots or lines on and off. Kind of like after someone takes a picture with flash and see you spots after.