Purple feet - circulation problems?

I know this may seem a bit random but I wondered if anyone else has got feet that turn really purple if they sit still for a period of time. Mine are really bad and are fairly cold but I think it could be a circulation problem. They are ok if I start walking about. I am at home most of the time so I usually have bare feet. My mum noticed them today and said maybe I should get it checked out but it scared me more because she said beta blockers (which I am due to start soon) can make circulation worse. I have heard of a link between migraine and vascular problems. My neuro asked me about cold hands and if they go white (they don’t) as I think that is called Raynaud’s disease. I didn’t think to mention my purple feet.

Migraine is all to do with the blood vessels and not enough blood supply to parts of the brain I believe. I don’t know if my circulation generally is bad. Just wondered if anyone else has this problem? x

I have that too as well as cold hand. My finger nails turn a very very slight color of blue. But my toes and feet are way more noticeable, more purple.
It goes away when walking, in the bath, or even if I rub them. Doc said probably Raynaud’s syndrome, but really didn’t seem to be worried about it.


I have the same thing- hands are a little cold most of the time, but my feet are always freezing and purple if I sit for awhile. I have had some foot problems in the past, and every dr. mumbles something about Raynaud’s, but none seem concerned about it (and I don’t think there is much you can do for it). I have been this way my whole life and I think I inherited it from my Dad. I wouldn’t worry about it if it doesn’t cause any sort of pain or something like numbness/tingling. I only get annoyed by it at bed time- my feet are often so cold that it keeps me from falling asleep- have to warm them up with my hands usually. But I think it is harmless.

Thanks for your replies, it is reassuring to know others have it and it hopefully isn’t anything to worry about x