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Putting meditation to the test - New Scientist

Do you have a better alternative to the MAV protocol ? If you want to rant so be it but not at the cost of belittling what is working for others.


I’ll try for a third time as my spelling might be a bit off…

I’ve said in previous posts that I’m not against any medication or treatment if it helps an individual.

I guess I will jump in with my thoughts as well.

I disagree. A shitty deal is having an illness where medicine cannot help in any way and life ceases to exist. There is no amount of meditation or medication that can bring that life back.

I understand being cynical when you have a condition like MAV… but why would you want to?

My understanding of meditation is that positive energy is key. Why wouldn’t you meditate on being thankful & grateful for the “50% better”… (which is actually 85%-90% for me and many others)? Saying to yourself and others that it’s a “shitty deal” is not mentally healthy.


It’s not mentally healthy… it’s honest.
I’m not looking to add delusional to my MAV symptom list.

If you want to meditate as a first line of defence, fill your boots. I think it’s as good as eating your greens and exercising. It’s advisable for good health but won’t save you in an acute attack.

People here are emotionally connected to things that help them to a degree and that’s normal. If someone comes along and criticises the current range of options they take it as a personal attack. It’s not. Do what you like. This forum doesn’t have to be a love-in where we all agree.


To quote John Lennon . . . “whatever gets you through the night.”


I’m getting some good standing meditation and Tai Chi practice in lately. I always keep coming back to it.