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Qudexy XR taken in parts like Effexor XR?

Does it seem that Qudexy XR can be opened and dosed in parts (e.g., 1/3s) similar to Effexor XR? Trokendi XR has to be taken whole but Qudexy XR can be sprinkled. Here is the delivery information from their website: google qudexyxr smooth-delivery. I cannot find anything on the web related to this, but I know different XRs have different technology.

I am not seeking medical advice but feedback is welcome. Former patient of Dr. Hain’s. I would ask him but I have been discharged from the office due to his semi/full retirement, at least from out of state patients.

Certainly would appear so and, unlike the producers of Effexor, it even seems to be endorsed as such.
Not sure whether I picked up the link you refer to, and appreciate you are probably still unable to link direct, I did find bit more detail in the attached.

Google this: PK Data | Qudexy® XR (topiramate) ExtendedRelease Capsules

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