Question about eye glasses

I have been having two problems with eye glasses and was wondering if anyone has run into either of these from personal experience, or read something about and can point me to an article regarding this.

The first problem I have expereinced since I was a teenager. At first it was cheap sunglasses, but now it can be just about any eyeglass. If I am experiencing any type of head pain, I have to be careful of the eyeglasses I wear. The cheaper they are, the bigger this problem is. The problem is that glasses in general put pressure on your skull right behind your ears (in the mastiod section of the skull I believe) to hold themselves on your head. On the wrong day a cheap pair of glasses will cause a blinding pain within a few seconds, strong enough to put me to my knees and play havoc with my stomach. The pain disapears almost immediately upon removal of the glasses. A good pair of glasses, the type you get from the eye doctor for normal vision adjustment can also cause this problem but much slower, and less painful. I know why the better quality glasses are less painful is due to a more proper fit, depending less on pressure behind the ears to stay on.

The other problem that I experience is with almost any pair of glasses when I am on a dizzy day. They will either make my eyes want to go cross or kick in the nystagmus. This one also lessons almost immediately upon removal of my glasses, but then I can’t see.

So has anyone else heard of something like this?


Was reading only yesterday(DM ‘Money Mail’) of somebody trying to get a refund on Varifocals because after a short time they were giving her migraine. Both the journalist writing and of course the supplier, SpecSavers, were denying this could ever happen. Um? I wouldn’t disbelieve the complainant one iota. I’ve had attacks brought on by new/different prescription specs several times. No personal experience of Varifocals. Specialist Optician told me my brain would never cope with them and I believed her years ago, Hating to see such ignorance in print I would have happily written in to correct them but unfortunately there was no contact available.

Re-reading the original in fairness to SpecSavers they had previously changed the offending lens three times pre-lockdown and the customer was seeking a refund post lockdown (18 months maybe later?)

But, what annoyed me

”Migraine can have many causes, including diet, genetics and age - but, to my knowledge, glasses are not one of them”

I bought some very expensive non-prescription sunglasses (about 340 Australian Dollar) about 2 months ago. They were supposed to have a grey tint. When I put them on for a walk, I realised that this grey tint had some yellow in it and it made the world look the wrong colour. I managed to walk for about 10 minutes, then I could feel a vertigo attack coming on. I immediately took the glasses off.

I went back to the shop the next day and the sales person said that “these are the best sunglasses we have, I wear them myself”. I insisted to get a refund - and I did. Now I wear some cheap (35 Australian Dollar) sunglasses from Cancer Council and I am fine with them.

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I’m assured brains generally adopt very quickly to such coloured tints. I used amber (cheap night driving ) glasses indoors for years when extremely photophobic and mine did. I eventually ordered Theraspecs from the US but could never adapt to the pink (FL41) lens in those. I experienced same with dark green Migralens and boy a far worse experience with some fine mesh lens the optician “popped on’ me once (will have to look up Tradename). Fastest stomach emptying exercise ever. Took just seconds.) if the brain is in question takes to the particular tint you don’t see it after a while not even immediately upon first putting them on each time. If your don’t lose the unusual colouring with a short time it means the brain isn’t going to adapt.

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