Question about going off meds once you feel better

Hi All,

I am writing because I have seen on here a lot that peoples’ Drs. suggest getting on migraine meds for a period of a few months, and then once someone is feeling better, to stop the meds. My Dr. has never mentioned anything about doing this, but I am curious what the rationale is for this? Is it possible to “cure” MAV, or re-set your brain or something? To me it seems counterintuitive- if you are feeling better on a med, why not stay on it?


Hi Sarah,

I’m not sure of the pharmacology of this however for many people (self included) we go through long periods of chronic MAV but at other times we are well. Migraine cannot be ‘cured’ but most of us have good periods and bad, so during the bad we need a med and when we are well we don’t.

In addition, I think it’s considered a good rule of thumb to not be on a med (for anything, not just migraine) unless you really need to. So, if you’ve reached a good level of wellness for a while, it’s worth considering gently and gradually tapering off the med to see how you go.


I just talked to my neurologist about this. He said that the goal was to be able to wean off the drugs at some point, but if not, staying on them is an option.

Mind you, I’m very new to this, trying Topamax . . .

Mary Lee

Hi Mary Lee,

But did your Dr. say why it was ok to stop them if they are helping? Is the problem “fixed” at that point? I think it seems risky to go back to feeling bad if you do find something that helps? A lot of people on this forum have stopped meds once they feel well, only to relapse, and then the original med no longer works for them?