Question About Going to the Dentist

WelL I have a tooth that is bothering me and I have never had a fear of the dentist before but have not been since all this started last November.

I am going to have to go next week and get this seeen about so my question is what has your expreinces been in seeing the dentist and dealing with this condition.

I am pretty certain the tooth is going to need to be pulled as my dentist I saw last had already recommended that it be pulled at some point. I am more than nervous about this…

TImeless, I have ALWAYS had a fear of the denstist, and now it is even worse with my vertigo.
Part of my problem is that I find it extremely uncomfortable to lie in a position such that my head is lower than my feet while my mouth is crammed full of these dental implements and water/spit is stuck halfway down my throat and I can’t swallow and am afraid I will start gagging and choking. If I could only sit up a bit more it would be so much more tolerable. I asked my dentist once if I could and he was not accommodating at all - said no, he can’t work on me if I am sitting up. This position does nothing to help my feeling of vertigo/unsteadiness. (Finding a new dentist is on my list of things to do.) Oh, and then there is the problem I have of the electronic chair and anytime they move me up or down or forwards or backwards I am afraid it is going to set me off into a carsick episode/feeling.

Before I go to the dentist now I take a half a valium. Helps me with the anxiety and hopefully will prevent a vertigo attack from happening while there. I would suggest trying that. Good luck with your visit. I feel for you.