Question about magnesium

Hello guys. I am thinking about taking magnesium for my balance issues and heavy head feeling when i get up from laying down and get dizzy. Do i just go to a generic store like walgreens and just pick up a bottle that saids magnesium? I have seen at walgreen brand of 250mg, 400mg of their generic brand. Can someone enlighten me and advise? Thank you

There are different varieties of magnesium: Magnesium Oxide, Magnesium Citrate, Magnesium Glycinate, etc. I was already taking it for my osteoporosis and I’ve read quite a bit about it on some of those sites.

Magnesium Oxide is probably the cheapest (and easy to find at Walmart or Walgreens or CVS) but supposedly is not as well absorbed as some of the other varieties. And too much of any magnesium can cause loose stools.

I’ve taken all three of the varieties that I mentioned above. I had switched to the citrate and glycinate varieties because they didn’t seem to cause me as many problems with stools. But that was before I knew that it could also be useful for VM.

I have seen on at least one VM site (can’t remember for sure where) where they specifically say to take Magnesium Oxide. But on most of the other sites it just says “magnesium.” So I am NOT SURE now whether the “variety” of magnesium makes any difference for VM.

I may try going back to the Magnesium Oxide again and see whether I can tolerate the full 400mg (I split it into two doses, one morning and one evening). If not then maybe I’ll try one dose of Magnesium Oxide and one dose of Magnesium Glycinate.

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Would gnc be the best to get these?

From personal trial magnesium glycinate works best for me. You should get the “chelated” variety as it helps with absorption. I buy them on amazon. I take them before bed as it helps with sleep. I don’t need the sleep help as Amitriptyline has me covered there.

Pure encapsulation and doctor’s best are the two makes i have tried.

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Just went to walmart and bought some spring valley 250 mg magnesium oxide. They dont have variety of selections. I will order the other ones today

I buy the KAL brand of Magnesium Glycinate from Swanson Vitamins.

Here’s the link (note that each tablet is 200mg; a “serving” is two tablets which is why they say 400mg):

I previously bought Magnesium Citrate from Swanson Vitamins. It was the NOW brand. The only thing I didn’t like about it was that the tablets were HUGE - bigger than anything else I’ve ever taken. The KAL Magnesium Glycinate tablets are also large but they are smaller and more rounded than the NOW tablets, so they seem to go down a lot easier.

Here are the NOW Magnesium Citrate tablets, if the large size isn’t an issue for you:

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Thank you. I will consider that

Hi, as I understand it, magnesium oxide is a really difficult form to absorb. Yes, mag citrate is better.

I personally find the best ways are:

  1. Epsom salt baths - but can be expensive to do all the time.
  2. Make your own Magnesium bicarbonate - How to Make Magnesium Bicarbonate Water | Natural Health by Karen
  3. Lots of cooked kale (-: