Question about med interactions

I took 10 mg of nortrip about 3 hours ago. Well its not helping me sleep and looks like i wont be sleeping tonight. I been taken xanex to help me sleep but felt short lived. Dont think it last that long as much as i want to at night time. Im going to call the doc and ask for another prescription but klonopin?

1st question is is it safe to take klonopin or xanex and nortrip? Maybe nortrip in the morning and either one at night.
2nd question is i also have some meclizzine which will knock me out for good 8-12 hours. Just in case i cant get the xanex or klonopin timorrow, can i use nortrip in the morning and meclizzine during evening time?

Or can i take meclizzine now?

Switch to Amitriptyline. That will solve the sleeping issue. And won’t be a big shock as they are very similar.

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How soon do you get sleepy after taking it?

I would take it at 9pm and end up sleeping in bed by 11:30pm.

I dont think i will be taking nortrip today since i couldnt sleep the whole night and i think the docs office is closed because of thanksgiving. Do you think its safe to take meclizine today?

sure … just don’t get into the habit … its a vestibular suppressant so will hinder compensation

I finally got some sleep on ami but not very much. Kept waking up evey 30 mins or so. It took about 4 hours to kick in for sleep. I think within an hour or so of taking it, my anxiety was almost relieved and had a clear positive mind trying to sleep. Had no care if i didnt sleep or not while on ami which is interesting.

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Good to note Ami is working for you. What is the Ami dosage ? Ami helps me to sleep really well. My only problem with the drug is the weight gain.

Today is my 2nd day in 10 mg. I do have little trouble swallowing and possibly a mini hives above the right leg area where the groin is. I had the little swallowing problem yesterday but i thought it was anxiety of taking the med. i hope im not allergic to this med or maybe im over thinking it because im anxious.

trouble swallowing is indeed a symptom of anxiety

Still cant sleep thst much with ami. It feels like my body is fighting to not to sleep and feel my neck and shoulder sort of shaking and had some sweat on my legs. Maybe i need xanax along with ami to get some sleep

Surprising! 10mg? Double it.