Question about Verapamil and MAV Meds

Has anyone else felt MORE dizzy when they first started taking MAV meds?? If so, could that be a sign that the meds are actually working?? i.e., they are affecting the vestibular system??

I have been on verapamil for two weeks now. I started with the full prescribed dose of 120 mg on the first night and felt awful and winded the next morning - almost like I was hung over or something. I cut the dose in half for the remainder of the first week, and then up to 3/4 for the second week - no problems for the two weeks. I also noticed the snowy vision seemed a little more subdued (don’t know if that’s just wishful thinking). On Saturday night, I tried the full 120 mg again and felt awful again on Sunday a.m., so I went back to 3/4 dose again.

Also, I noticed over the weekend feeling wobbly and like I was about to go for a spin several times and again today. The last time I felt like that was almost two years ago when I was just starting out dealing with this stuff. I’m wondering if that is because maybe the 120 mg might be dropping my bp too low?? Or, could that be a sign that the meds are actually impacting my vestibular system - so it’s a good sign? (you know, like the fact that VRT makes you feel worse before you feel better is a sign that it’s working.) That might be crazy logic, but I thought I’d see if anyone else has had a similar experience …

ssdizzy -

When I started out on the verapamil, I felt woozy at first. I think you may need to start out and work your way up slower. I started out with a 1/4 of a capsule sprinkled on applesauce followed with a glass of water before bedtime. I did that for alittle over a week, close to two, then went up to 1/2, then 3/4, then full 120 mg. I found that I had to go up slowly. I started on a 1/2 and didn’t like the woozy feeling. I think it is your body adjusting to it. I have been on it since Dec. 18th. I was always told it could take a couple of months to feel the full effect. I am doing great on it! No side effects. I was ready to give up many times during those first weeks. I am so glad that I waited it out. As for blood pressure - I run very low, before the mav. It has not dropped my pressure so much that I really notice it. I read that it normally only affects high blood pressure and rarely drops low blood pressure. That is what I read about Verapamil and calcium channel blockers in the Heal Your Headache Book (pages 124-126 & 206). If you can rent or buy that book, definitely do it. I was told the common side effect is constipation. I hope this helps. Let me know how you continue to do on it.

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If it is lowering your blood pressure a lot, that can cause dizziness. Is there someplace you can go to get your blood pressure checked?

My doc told me the theraputic dose of verapamil for migraine is 240!!! Seems like a lot, but that is what I am taking. I have high blood pressure anyway, and I am doing fine on that dose (except I need lots of oatmeal and prunes).

Thanks for the input. Maybe I will continue with the 3/4 for another week or two before I try to go up again. I was just amazed at what a difference I felt between 3/4 of a dose and a full dose!

I have historically had normal blood pressure, and I have checked my bp since being on the verapamil and it has dropped a little bit - which kind of surprised me. It’s still in what I would consider a normal range though. The wobbliness and “spinny” feeling just seemed to catch me by surprise … who knows, it may be something vestibular going on since I have a history of vestibular stuff as well. We’ll see what happens as I continue.

Thanks for your help!!