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Thank you so very much for sharing your success story. I was curious to know what medication helped you. I know we are all individuals when it comes to meds, but I am always so curious to see what helps a person. I’ve been sick for a few years, and feeling extremely depressed/hopeless. After some failed med trials, I am currently pregnant and off meds. The pregnancy exacerbated my sxs even further, and I cannot wait to have the baby and trial meds again. Interesting how this occurred during your pregnancy. Hormones seem to trigger this in many sufferers. You give me hope at a time that I have very little hope left. Thank you so much for that.


Hi Lisa
I PM’d her and she said she is on 75mg Nortrip and it has taken 2 years to get completely free. She may write on this soon, but in case you are really wanting the info I took the liberty to share.
I know you are going through a hard time. I sincerely believe once you have your baby, you will get on meds and get good in no time. I have been on Ami for about 2 months now and started Cymbalta a month ago. Ami at 20mg and cymbalta from 10, then 20 and now 30mg daily. I couldn’t tolerate Effexor even at 1/3 lowest capsule. As much as it is similar at Cymbalta, I seem to be able to tolerate it…I really think the Ami first helped too. It started getting things regulated with my brain chemicals and I was more relaxed…however, the Ami made the dizziness worse. The cymbalta helped, but not gone…I have about 20-30% of dizziness left, but I’m hoping it will continue to get better.
Stay the course and know you;re going to get better and soon.

thanks so much, kelley

Thank you for sharing the info, I am seeing the same doctor as she is in the UK so obviously really happy to know she is well and thinks highly of him.
Lisa, think of you often and hope you are doing and feeling the best you can.

thank you, Penny. When will you be seeing Dr. S. Keep us posted.

I have been seeing him since July, I will go back some time in the new year as he doesn’t want me to fly for now.
I am doing ok on the 30 mgs , I really hope it will do the same for you when you can start.

Penny - is nori his first choice? I’m glad the 30mg is helping somewhat.

Hi Lisa,
When he told me he wanted to put me on meds , he told me it would ne Nortri, and I asked him why… he said he favored it as a first med to try ,as he has had the best results after all the many MAV patients he has seen, for low side effects , and most impact on the illness. He said he would start at 10 mg, and that one could get to a lot higher …75 mg , if one needed it.He has upped it very gradually for me, 5 months on I am at 30 mg.
He did say he had others that he would try if this didn’t work foe me but I got the idea this was what he tried most people on first.
Have a gentle day ,