Question form Adam?

Hi Adam, I was wondering if you would like me to give a link of this page to migriane aura web site, Dr podoll is doing some wonderfull things for migriane sufferers and you link apears to be the best link on this subject I ve found over the year ive been looking, I think it would realy help those people who have Mav and also silent migriane with aura.
if you could let me know that would be great. also if you want a preview of the work he is doing here is my story , thanks so much
cheers jen

my story hope it works … ex_en.html

I’ve found Dr. Podell’s site so helpful–so many things that seem crazy or inexplicable, are aura.
Thanks for sharing your story.


Thanks for the artful representations of your aura - i get all of them except the color changes, plus visual snow and the blue/purple lava lamp in the center of my field of vision - and it is constant.

It’s good to see pictures of them - I think I’ll show these to my husband so he has a better idea of what i’m going through.

Warm wishes,


Hi Kira and Julie, I used to think there was something ghostly about my aura as a young person, now I’m more relaxed about the whole thing.
hee hee.
strange what we go through, surley no one eles could understand.
my family just look at me with their noses pinched togather if I try to explain