Question Re The Safety of Verapamil

I recently read an article from Dr. Hain that stated Verapamil could slightly increase your risk of cancer. I was wondering if anyone has any information as to how high or low the risk may be? I would really like to give this medication a try, but am hesitant after reading the article. Any feedback you may have would be greatly appreciated. P.S. I was also wondering if anyone might know if Verapamil could be cycled? For instance, would it be possible to take it 2 weeks out of the month only. Thanks so much.



I have not heard any stories that Verapamil could increase cancer. I have been taking it for about a year now and this is one medication that did not give me any side affects. Verapamil helps me about 20% or so…but other people have better luck with it.


I saw the same thing. It was listed under the name “Calan”. I have not seen it since on his site. I did ask my doctor and he said that he has never heard anything like that before. It is also not listed in Buchholz book “heal Your headache”, so I am wondering if it just isn’t the case. I hope it is not true, because I have been on 360mg for about 1 year!!!


Thank you for the feedback re the safety of verapamil. I had never heard anything like that either, so I am going to assume it’s very safe. Thanks again:)