Question regarding MAV diet - meats in particular

So much conflicting information out there! I’m a little more than a week into a very strict MAV/migraine diet of organic broccoli, celery, green apples, kale, and cauliflower. For spices, I’ve pretty much only been using organic ginger and basil - works for me, for me. My question, however, concerns meat. I’ve read on several sites that meat is fine as long as it is bought fresh and not kept in the refrigerator more than 48 hours after being cooked (no problem for me - I love eating). I’ve gone the extra distance and have not only been consuming chicken and beef that’s fresh, but grass-fed, antibiotic free, and free-range, as well. Still, I’ve seen a few sites out there that say all meat is bad for MAV/migraines, no matter how fresh, free-range, organic, or grass-fed. That’s disheartening.

So, my question is: IS meat okay, assuming it’s fresh and prepared properly? Or should all meat be avoided forever on a MAV diet?

Also, I have a question regarding oils for preparing/cooking meat. It seems virtually all oils have their equal share of fans and detractors in regards to whether or not they’re migraine triggers, making it very hard to settle on a choice. I’ve been using safflower oil, but I’ve also heard organic coconut oil is wonderful for migraines, though other sites say it’s bad for it. Any thoughts on this?

Scott, I’d especially love your input on this one if you happen upon it!

Thanks, everyone!

Nick, there are people who say eating any meat is bad for you whatever your condition. (My sense is they tend to be extrapolating from the idea that eating any meat is bad for the animal, ba-da-dum.)

I’ve had no problem from eating reasonable amounts of fresh non-organ meat. I do, though, moderate my consumption of saturated fat–but not for reasons of MAV. This also would moderate my consumption of coconut oil. I’ve personally been fine with olive oil, though I know some are very sensitive to olive.

Haha, very good point about the meat thing. I’m about a month into my diet now. No improvements, but I have had a few slip-ups. I intend to keep on with it.

Just curious as I’ve seen you post quite a bit on these forums: How are you doing, personally, with MAV? Is it still something you struggle with every day, or have you gotten it relatively under control at this point? I’m still new to this and fear so much that I’ll never find any relief…

Relatively under control, yes, Nick. I do respect the diet, do take my pillses. Weather can still screw me up, as can being short of sleep. But most days are not MAV days. Now I have to work on getting fit–I would space out when swimming, so I stopped swimming almost a year ago; and my how it shows.

Thank you so much for responding! It’s so good to hear that you got better - and stayed better! I’m actually becoming increasingly alarmed I might actually have MdDS as I have a constant rocking/swaying/unstable sensation when standing, laying down, or sitting in a chair, like I could fall over or collapse at any second. It’s completely internal and apparently not visible to outside observers, but it’s a constant, terrifying sensation I battle with, like I’m violently swaying back and forth or like my body’s always in movement when it’s not. Especially when standing up, I feel like I’m on a rocky boat or raft, always shifting back and forth. Even when lying down, I can’t escape the perceived sense of movement. The wobbliness when standing, sitting, and walking has gotten significantly worse in the past several months. I don’t remember having this symptom a year ago at this time at all, but it’s gotten worse since I first noticed it around September or October. It feels like my brain and legs aren’t coordinating like they should be. My legs feels weak and shaky, like they’re about to collapse beneath me at any second. This has definitely become my most debilitating symptom and I’m terrified I’ll end up in a wheelchair. It’s hard to even watch movies or TV anymore, as I feel like I’m moving forward when I’m sitting or lying down and trying to pay attention. The false sense of motion is always most noticeable when I’m trying to be completely still. Sometimes when I’m in the car it seems to lessen, as if the movement of the vehicle somewhat cancels out the perceived sense of movement I feel internally – not completely, but it does provide a bit of relief. When I come to stop at stoplights, however, I always feel like I’m still moving forward.

Did you ever have anything like this? I don’t know if this is uncommon for sufferers of MAV…

I understand how/what you’re feeling. It is pretty common for MAVers to feel the continuing motion - forward/rocking, etc. esp the feeling of being on a raft/boat and being more noticeable when completely still. I, and many other MAVers, have questioned the MdDS theory as it seems a perfect fit! However, it’s usually the highly irritable migraine brain inducing all those awful symptoms. Do you get any nausea with all the “perceived” movement? A walking pole is an asset when you’re out if you feel a bit shaky!

How are you doing with your meds? When do you see your doc again? It sounds as tho things are really ramping up and your brain needs calming down. Do you have any Valium/benzo or anti-anxiety med to take until you see your neuro again? They do help.


Hi, Barb! I never get any nausea, whatsoever. Never have throughout this whole past year of symptoms. And I do continue to question the MAV thing because I’ve never, ever had a history of migraines, nor has anyone in my family! I see my doctor again in four days! I cannot wait. This has been the longest week ever, lol. I’m going to talk to him about an anti-anxiety med for sure. But it’s good to hear that these symptoms are still common for MAV’ers. I’d rather have MAV and know that there’s at least things I can try to combat it than have MdDS and know there’s absolutely nothing I can do. Thanks for the reply!