Questions about vertigo vs migraine (what do I do now?)

As a chronic sufferer of the vertigo side of the VM equation for 5 years I’m struggling about how to deal with the migraine side now. I’ve been on 0.25mg of Clonazepam since Jan 18. I had a couple of early days in the process of vertigo and some nausea as well as headaches. I know it’s only been about 13 days since the start of this med for me and it’s the only one I’m currently taking but I have some questions?

Feeling better re vertigo and even daily dizziness but the headaches (not quite migraine but close) are killing me. I really don’t want to add an extra dose of Clonazepam so I guess I’m wondering what you all think I should ask both the neurologists I see next month would be a good preventative or rescue for the headaches.

Also, my eyes are killing me when I have the headache/almost migraine. I suppose I should see an opthlomogist but is there a specialty I should look for? I’ve never seen anyone other than an optometrist so should I start there?

Going on a 22 hour headache right now…ugghhh

Sorry to hear. Ask your doctor about Nurtec. My doctor prescribed that as an abortive, but I never had to use it. Ask about ibuprofen. My doctor says it is better to take 400 mg to stop the headache. He said it is not good to take ibuprofen daily. Regarding the eyes, I do an easy exercise. I follow a pen with my eyesight. Up and down, left to right, far and close. I do it for a few minutes. It is my technique to help with vertigo, which I think is related to my eyes. You can also ask your doctor.

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Thanks Marie, I’ll try those exercises to see if they help. I’m seeing an ophthalmologist this week to rule out anything unusual going on with my eyes. I’ve been so focused on vertigo for 5 years that I don’t even know if this is a new symptom or something I’ve had for awhile. I think it’s related to the migraines since my eyes are quite sensitive to light. I’m seeing a new neurologist at the end of the month in addition to my neurotologist (who doesn’t prescribe rescue meds) so I’ll ask the new guy about it.

For me clonazepam helps keep vertigo under control but doesn’t do much for headache. I wouldn’t be surprised if you need a second med for that - talk to your doc. There are quite a few options, both oral and injectable that might help.

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Yeah, that seems to be what is happening here. Have to wait until the end of the month for an appointment with the new neurologist for something to help. The vertigo symptoms are so much better though so I can be patient a little longer!

Hi! I am so sorry you’re dealing with this! I hope your neurologist can help you. What I have been using as an abortive is Ubrelvy. I don’t seem to have any side effects from it and it gets rid of my migraines. I don’t have them every day though so I’m not sure if the medication can be taken daily. I’ve recently been given a list of supplements to take for every day migraine relief. Might want to ask your doctor about that. My original neurologist never shared anything about supplements so I guess it depends on the doctor. I hope this helps–take care! :hugs:

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Thanks so much for the suggestions and support Leylo. I actually had a televisit with my GP this week and she prescribed about a week’s worth of Nurtec to help me until I see the new Neurologist. She doesn’t want to intervene with them in case they have a better idea. So far I’ve been free of migraine for 2 days so I’ll take it when I need it, if I need it. I don’t know much about supplements other than Magnesium which my Neurotologist suggested.

My neurologist referred me to physical therapy where I was evaluated and then was led through sets of exercises, including the one eye exercises such as what Marie mentioned. The sets of eye exercises can be done daily at home 3 times a day, and with followup visits. I did find that it helped, and also found it funny how tired I felt after doing eye exercises!! WTH? LOL! Maybe you should mention to your neurologist and perhaps he/she will refer you.