Questions about vestibular migraine

Hi all

So I was just wondering I’ve been diagnosed with vestibular migraine but have been told that people with this feel worse when in a car however I feel better. There was a time when it was awful travelling after this all first started. But now I feel completely normally in a car journey and it’s when the car stops that sometimes makes me feel a tad off.
Is this a VM thing or not?

It is a VM thing. Some of us do much better in cars. Some don’t. Check out some of our wikis; you’ll find a community that understands and welcomes you.


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Thank you for the reply and the welcome everyone is so amazing on this forum. It’s just annoying when you hear it can’t be a VM symptom it has to be an MDDS one. So I got really confused.

i have that, i actually drive with no problem. The problems are when i am still, the rocking starts! i think many doctors dont really understand mav and its multiple forms and how it morphes. And some theorized in any case that vestibular issues, like mal de desembarquement or pppd are migraine variants and treatments are similar.

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Yeah, driving for me actually helps through some episodes. It’ll help with my anxiety from the dizziness and also the dizziness, but get me at a stop light during an episode and I feel like the front end of the car is slightly lifted or as if I’m moving back and forth. Not fun. Long highway drives for me help.

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Plus 1 for feeling better in cars! (Woohoo escape! :racing_car:). Bikes too for me :bike: :slight_smile:

I feel completely normal whilst being a passenger in a car or bus but once i get out i feel like im being dragged to the ground and disorientated…i have Chronic Vestibular Migraine since 2014.
Jo x

I sometimes get that sensation feeling like my body is been pulled back. But it’s never very strong but it’s certainly not nice x