Questions for those on Venlafaxine

Hey all venlafaxine users. I posted on my diary that I am having hives. Dr. thinks it could be the venlafaxine. I use the venlafaxine extended release CAPSULE (150mg). I read that there is an extended release TABLET. Does anyone take the extended release tablet? I want to try the tablet first, before the brand name of capsule (Effexor), because the cost is significantly different.


Hiya,my brand is venex xl and its a capsule but inside are small white tablets each one 12.5mg.
Full title is venex xl prolonged release capsules, hard.
Hope this helps.
Any sign of hives settling down?

Thanks :slight_smile: Nop, hives are still there. I did not take the antihistamine last night, and oh gosh, I woke up full of them. But don’t get scared please. It might not even be the venlafaxine. I will try the med without the capsule.


You can stagger the tablets through the day. One in morning, noon and night. That way it is kinda extended release. I have seen other folks doing this. Good luck Laura.

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thanks Vigs, I found this info: Venlafaxine Extended-Release Tablets Information -

Seems that the extended release tablet does exist. I will try it, and will see.

Best of luck, hope you can get it sorted :crossed_fingers::four_leaf_clover:. Keep us posted.