Questions regarding occipital nerve blocks!

Hey all! Been a while since I posted. Last I checked in, my MAV diagnosis had been more or less cancelled in favor of an MdDS diagnosis, so I haven’t been posting on here as much. Anyway, I’m going back to the Cleveland Clinic tomorrow for occipital nerve block injections, which was somewhat of a surprise considering I thought my next step was to start on Cymbalta and/or Klonopin. I suppose Dr. Cherian wants to try this first. It seems it’s primarily used and somewhat efficient in people who suffer from headache pain, which I don’t really have, but I suppose it’s worth a try, even though neither me nor my neurologist think I have MAV anymore. Anyway, if it works, it will be interesting, and might make us both reconsider my MdDS diagnosis (keep flipping back and forth). Has anyone with MAV ever had any success with occipital nerve block injections? I suppose it could help even someone with MdDS, and I posted about it over there on the Facebook MdDS forum as well, but I’m just kind of looking for opinions from both worlds.

Also, last I checked in, I had been following a 6 week+ stringent MAV diet. It did nothing for me, so when I was rediagnosed with MdDS I eased up on it a bit. I drink infrequently now, which I hadn’t done in seven months, but being drunk seems to be the only thing that lessens the incessant swaying and dizziness, so I enjoy it. Certainly not a sustainable solution, and if this IS MAV I definitely ruined my diet, but the diet wasn’t helping anyway. I’ve currently been on 2700mg of Gabapentin for a couple weeks, and that’s not really doing anything either. So who knows? I still think what I have is MdDS since I feel completely fine in a moving vehicle and what my dizziness feels like could be best described as a constant phantom sense of movement, along with constant rocking/swaying/unsteadiness when standing. But yeah, that’s just kind of an update on me! Hope all the folks I used to talk with are doing better. It’d be nice to hear from you again.

Kind of got off topic there. So yeah, if anyone has had success, or not had success, with occipital nerve block injections, let me know about your experience(s)!

Curious to know how this turns out for you… I have a friend who has really bad migraine headaches that tried this recently. She said after about a week, her headaches seemed to have lessened quite a bit. (She did say, though, that it hurt like heck having it done, and that her eye area was even bruised afterwards… S’pose that if it got rid of the vm, it could be worth it, though.)